hardcore shirt sale

selling off some stuff thats been sitting in storage. hit me HERE.


click HERE for the auctions.

xchorusx - L

helmet meantime - L 

earth crisis firestorm - XL 

chokehold blue police state (reproduction) - L

snapcase lookinglasself - XL 

descendents FAT - XL

no for an answer - XL (FITS LIKE A L)

youth of today 99 reunion - L

108 one path or me white - XL 

deadguy pentagram - XL

chokehold white instilled - XL

culture blue hammers - XL

converge - XL

straight edge means no friends - XL

turmoil - XL

when tigers fight - XL

narrows - XXL

bane yellow - XXL

have heart decendents tribute - XL

black flag six pack - XL

rumpshaker - XXL

108 pentagram - XL

holy roman empire - XL

7 seconds walk together - XXL

the promise grey logo - L

death threat biggie - XXL

108 angle strike man white - XXL

elliot blue - XXL

edge nike - XL

bane what aren’t we going to do - XXL

vegan straight edge - L

meat is murder - L

split lip for the love of the wounded -XXL

catalyst its ok not to drink -XL

rancid out come the wolves - XL

rival schools yellow - XL

have heart rival schools tribute - XL

no apologies - XL

integrity - XXL

gorilla biscuits CBGB only (tossed from stage, there were not for sale at the reunion” - XL 

sick of it all CBGB - L

108 2005 - XL

vegan brown cow - XL

vegan turkey - XL

champion maroon promises kept - XL

indecision one last time - XL

unbroken joy out of reach - XL

kiss of death - XL

capital lighthouse - XL

minor threat sheep - XL

undertow live shot - XL

modern life is war smoker - L

pure puma tribute - L

recon - XL

damnation a.d. eagle bomb -XL

anthrax NOT - XXL

chamberlain city streets - XXL

foundation pray for atlanta - XXL

foundation never stops raining - XXL

turning point darkest (reproduction) - XL

wolds collide get ross - XL

undertow lyrics - XXL 

straight edge logo - XL

earth crisis jeff kendall tribute - XL

strike anywhere snake - XL

soul control tour 2007 - XL

don’t break vedge - XL

drug free youth - XL

nueva etica - XL

anthrax state of euphoria - MAYBE L? NO TAG

mad ball 357 jersey - NO TAG LOOKS LIKE XL

turmoil camp thermal - NO TAG LOOKS LIKE XL

7 seconds long sleeve punk rock teeth - XL

have heart grey lion long sleeve - XL

the promise believer long sleeve - XL

modern life is war kissing long sleeve - XL

shot point blank long sleeve - XL

have heart brown lion long sleeve - XL

gorilla biscuits o6 tour long sleeve - XXL 

outspoken grey long sleeve - XL

with honor long sleeve - XL

new age records long sleeve - XL

trustkill jumper - XL

straight edge coke hoodie - XL

sick of it all dragon on the hood hoodie - XL

bane reflective print zip up hoodie - XL

sick of it all red dragon black hoodie - XL

terror hoodie - XL

trial sxe hoodie - XL

silent majority last show (only 7 made. one for each band dude and 2 extra.) hoodie - XL 

champion crewneck sweatshirt - XL

sick of it all jumper (europe made only) - XL