selling off some stuff thats been sitting in storage. hit me HERE.


click HERE for the auctions.


grey hensley (repro) - XL 

red kendall vanilla ice -SOLD

powell tour 89 - XL -SOLD

red santa cruz dot - XL 

green new deal motov cocktail (repro) - XL

mustard new deal sun - XL -SOLD

white psycho stix -XL

white LS gonz - L - SOLD

green LS SC reaper (not 100% sure if its OG. never worn) -SOLD

black I love slayer (repro)LS - XL 

white LS vision street wear - SOLD

duffs tour 97 - L

vallely duck (repro)- XL 

do ollies - L 

skate park of tampa - L

racial equality now - L 

jason lee pentagram (repro) - XL 

shitbird SATAN CRUE - XXL

shitbird GRIME - XL 

blue screaming hand front print - XL & XXL 

rain dog long boards - XXL  - SOLD

skidz - L _$15

vision street wear white short sleeve - XL

supreme powell white - XXL 

C&D klien shirt -XL

tom knox grey (not from SC got in europe.)-XL 

black SC slasher (newer printing)- XL 

white LS innes - L 

grey innes skull & hearts - L 

black label football 88 - XXL

black label all over print elephants - XL - SOLD

black label thick stripes - XXL  

black label black shirt liquor logo - XL 

black label white shirt with cross - XL 

black label RUN DMC red - XL 

black label ed templeton - XL

black label hand with heart - XL 

black label lion -XL 

black label green shirt with skull - XXL 

zoo york - XL 

designarium face - XL