about me

specializing in non traditional weddings, punk rock bands, and marching to the beat of our own heartbeats. we make photos with passion, soul, and truth.

viva love.

living. loving. searching.


i am a father, a husband, and a photographer.

i take pictures because i never want to forget. there is so much beauty in the world and sometimes we all need to be reminded of that. i walked around this earth for a while with no direction or idea of what i wanted to be "when i grew up". i knew i wanted to be involved in something that made people happy. i never excelled in school and i put off a lot of responsibility and instead found my world in the punk / hardcore scene and spent every spare moment on my skateboard. at the time i didn't realize it, but i was building a network of free thinking and creative friendships that spanned the entire globe. there was something so special about what we all were doing. we put on our own concerts, built our own skateparks, put out our own records, shared our life's stories through making and designing our own publications and making our own art, we carved out a unique and beautiful movement. i learned about so many things that were never taught at the schools i attended and never talked about on the news. it was and still is something so sacred and important. my beliefs in straight edge and my vegan lifestyle are 100% accredited to the music, the message, and the people who stood out to make a difference and do something against the grain.

now, with my photography, i want to be  a part of the celebration of our lives. i'm drawn to the realness and honesty of a wedding ceremony, the energy and joy from a reception, the moments i get to spend alone with a couple capturing their portraits to share with them just how amazing they truly are together. i still love to meet with bands and create a visual representation of their art. i want to show them what it is to see them create something that transports their listeners out of their lives for a night. my imagery is a craft i don't take with a grain of salt. it means everything to me. i want the pictures i take for you to have the same effect as when i see the images of my daughter smiling for the first time, or when i hear "lovesong" by the Cure and i recall the first dance at my wedding with my wife danielle. these are memories worth saving and i want them to be epic. let me tell your story.