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specializing in non traditional weddings, punk rock bands, and marching to the beat of our own heartbeats. we make photos with passion, soul, and truth.

viva love.

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Your wedding. It’s YOURS.

Your laughter, your lives, your love – these are what matter. What lingers, what stays, what you’ll hold onto forever – besides each other – are the moments and the memories of the days and nights that you’ve poured yourselves into, that you meticulously craft for months, imagining and inventing, scheming and dreaming. And Then it happens all at once.

Plans and schedules collide with the calendar, the date arrives and there is no way to delay. A marathon march ends in a mad dash, a last second safety pin saves the day, a surprise foghorn blast gets the biggest laugh of the night. And, for a few hours, that lightning that you have captured in a bottle – you get to share it.  Around goes the bottle, passed between family and friends. Everyone takes a pull. The whole world goes electric. Tonight, everything glows.

That’s what I look for: I capture what you create. Bring on the black clouds and blizzards. Make sure someone knows when you need a whip stitch or a Windsor knot. The needle, the necktie, and the nervous laughter – that’s your wedding. These images, these instances, they tell the real story. They tell your story. I translate it.

I’ve been shooting weddings for almost a decade. The last thing I want to document is something static. We all know the expected poses and the everyday positions. Truthfully, a wedding is panic. It is manic. It is magic. There are thousands of threads all twining together and I live to trace each one as they overlap and interlace, weaving together something unforgettable and unique – recording your celebration of the creation of a new, beautiful shared world.