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specializing in non traditional weddings, punk rock bands, and marching to the beat of our own heartbeats. we make photos with passion, soul, and truth.

viva love.

living. loving. searching.


I've been listening to punk rock for as long as I can remember. In sixth grade a kid in my class brought his skateboard to school and written in white-out across his grip tape was the name "Sex Pistols". I asked him about it and he reached in his pocket and handed me a cassette tape of  7 seconds "the crew". He said I probably wouldn't like it, but check it out any way. My life took on a new path after one listen. It started me on a road with my band Most Precious Blood that brought me from Melbourne, Australia to Cape Town, South Africa all the way to Moscow, Russia to Sao Paulo, Brazil and all over Europe over 5 times.  This music has shaped me into the person I am today and I would hate to think of who I would be without its impact. When I first picked up a camera and decided to make pictures, the first thing i thought of was skateboarding and hardcore shows. There is so much angst and passion behind it and felt it needed to be documented. There were so many people doing the same style of shooting that I felt I needed to try something different. That's when I brought my lighting gear out to the shows and made something I'd never seen before. I attempted to freeze the exact moment that brings chills up my spine, the moments like the one when i first heard the verse "young till i die". This is my attempt to give back a little bit of what this movement has given me.